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 mother.. Beverly Carpenter( Gooch) - Wed, 25 Nov 21:49
mother.. Impy - Thu, 26 Nov 14:59
mother.. Beverley Carpenter - Thu, 26 Nov 20:15
mother.. Lisa58 - Sun, 29 Nov 23:06
mother.. joanna - Wed, 23 Dec 18:53
mother.. Madge - Thu, 24 Dec 07:32
mother.. Paulien - Fri, 28 Oct 22:36

mother.. Date: Wed, 25 Nov 21:49
Author: Default User IconBeverly Carpenter( Gooch) Location: England Profile
Do any of you good people remember my mother Olive Gooch? She was always on this site, and was a very keen gardener that was of course passionate about her garden.
Seven years ago mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers disease, and is now in the advanced stages,
I know she would have liked me to let you all know why she has vanished from "Oggies" and she would have missed you all dearly...but of course now, she doesn't even remember me.
maybe I will drop in on you all now and then if that's OK?
Beverly ( Olives daughter)

mother.. Date: Thu, 26 Nov 14:59
Author: Custom IconImpy Location: The Garden of England Profile
Hello Beverly, I remember your Mum Olive, as you said she was a regular on here, often posting photos of her lovely garden and birds that visited, we also heard "tales" of her and Tony and the garden and wildlife they loved. We had heard that she was poorly through Norman, so sorry to hear that her illness has advanced to such a stage, very sad and upsetting for you all. Feel free to pop in anytime although it is a lot quieter on here these days. Best wishes to Olive and the family.

mother.. Date: Thu, 26 Nov 20:15
Author: Default User IconBeverley Carpenter Location: England. ...suffolk Profile
Thankyou Impy....

Norman has Parkinsons disease now, as does my father Tony, it's so sad to watch them both go down hill, and more so that mother dosent know what any flower is anymore.
I myself love my wildlife and try to keep my garden close to mothers standard☺ I do alot of Wildlife photography, it's where I find peace most...

mother.. Date: Sun, 29 Nov 23:06
Author: Custom IconLisa58 Location: Pennsylvania Profile
Beverley~ I remember your mother quite fondly, for her many posts and pictures on what she was doing in her garden, what was in bloom, and what your parents were up to. I am sad to hear about their current medical conditions. I wish you well and also invite you to visit OGG anytime! You are always welcome here! emoticon

mother.. Date: Wed, 23 Dec 18:53
Author: Custom Iconjoanna Location: Cornwall Profile
I remember Olive too. It's sad to think she doesn't know her family or her flowers any more. It's a cruel disease and seems to affect so many. Bless her and you. x

mother.. Date: Thu, 24 Dec 07:32
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
I have very fond memories of Olive, Beverly, especially at this time of year when we exchanged Xmas cards. I was in contact with Norman too. Your mother was best remembered for her outstanding Datura/Brugsmansia plants and a number of OGGies probably still have specimens growing in their gardens from her cuttings. There is a beautiful example of one of her Daturas in the Plant Archive and some photos of her garden on her Profile page. (See Album.)

Do keep in touch with us and have a good Xmas and a healthy 2016emoticon

mother.. Date: Fri, 28 Oct 22:36
Author: Custom IconPaulien Location: The Netherlands Profile
Beverly, it's so sad to read your post. I wish you and your family all the best.
I remember your mothers posts and we have chat's in the chatroom. I also remember the Datura's and her advice to use banana shel to fertilize them. I still use that advice!

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