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 Jobs to do in the garden joanii11 - Wed, 30 Sep 03:29
Jobs to do in the garden Madge - Wed, 30 Sep 09:42
Jobs to do in the garden paul - Sat, 3 Oct 20:44
Jobs to do in the garden gordino - Sun, 4 Oct 22:44

Jobs to do in the garden Date: Wed, 30 Sep 03:29
Author: Default User Iconjoanii11 Location: NE32 Profile
It has to be done and I'm not looking forward to some of the Autumn jobs that must be done in the garden. Drastically pruning my Bramley apple tree, digging up, splitting and finding a new spot for the rhubarb and finding a place to store the small sprouting strawberry plants. Three of the jobs I dread but know that come next summer, I will have an abundance of lovely fruit. I wont be complaining then, thought. I'll be making lots of jams, crumbles, pies and rhubarb and strawberry fools. And the thoughts of doing that gets me through the tedious tasks that need to be done this Autumn.

Jobs to do in the garden Date: Wed, 30 Sep 09:42
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Apart from the fruit harvesting, Autumn is my least favourite month in the garden because of the leaf fall and bedraggled summer bedding. By September I am always anxious to see tidy, bare soil again. I even strip my small Catalpa tree of its drooping leaves because I cannot bear to see its declining beauty.

I have a god harvest of grapes this year which my daughter will soon pick to make jelly, if the starlings don't beat her to it!

Jobs to do in the garden Date: Sat, 3 Oct 20:44
Author: Default User Iconpaul Location: burton on trent Profile
hi joan11 my life in the garden now is much better.when all my veg are out, i simply cover it with a weed control fabric come next year all the weeds are gone i have bare ground heeee no more weeding ha great on my back. gardening made easy

Jobs to do in the garden Date: Sun, 4 Oct 22:44
Author: Default User Icongordino Location: surrey Profile
im afraid it can seem a never ending task gardening. the secret is to keep on top of it.

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