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 bursting tomatoes paul - Wed, 23 Sep 18:42
bursting tomatoes joanii11 - Wed, 30 Sep 03:10

bursting tomatoes Date: Wed, 23 Sep 18:42
Author: Default User Iconpaul Location: burton on trent Profile
hi joaniill. why your tomatoes are bursting. it is called split fruit. it is caused by heavey watering after the compost as become dry around the roots the sudden increase in size causes the skin to split . keep roots evenly moist out of the book called the vegetable expert by dr.d.g. hessayon. yours paul, grown tomatoes all my life

bursting tomatoes Date: Wed, 30 Sep 03:10
Author: Default User Iconjoanii11 Location: NE32 Profile
Thanks a million, Paul. I don't think that was the cause. I had my tomatoes in those special tomato planters. The chap I buy my seeds from had mistakenly sold me seeds for yellow tomatoes and I left them on the plant for ages waiting for them to turn red. Well of course, they didn't and were left on the plant far to long and split/rotted. Its the first year I've had problems with my tomatoes. joanii11

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