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 Have you planted your bulbs yet? Madge - Tue, 22 Sep 10:20
Have you planted your bulbs yet? joanna - Mon, 28 Sep 09:38

Have you planted your bulbs yet? Date: Tue, 22 Sep 10:20
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
I already have daffs, crocii and snowdrops in situ and have tulips in deep window boxes ready to resurrect but I was tempted by some Jetfire miniature daffodils with orange trumpets which Poundstretcher are selling @ 2 packs of 10 bulbs for £3.

I have also ordered more Blue Parrot tulips as last year they put on a very good, long-lasting show. Late tulips are my favourites and I plant them in deep window boxes so they can die down out of the way and not get in the way of spring bedding. A favourite combination of mine is Black Hero with Angelique, which is like appleblossom. Late tulips fill the gap between daffs and spring bedding. I resurrect the boxes and replenish their soil in the autumn.


Have you planted your bulbs yet? Date: Mon, 28 Sep 09:38
Author: Custom Iconjoanna Location: Cornwall Profile
No, not yet. You are industrious! I have a whole tray of daffodils to plant, ones I picked up from the surface of the fields around me. Trouble is I have to clear and dig some brambly ground first.

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