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 I tried to reply to the Vegan post but couldn't Heather - Sun, 9 Aug 01:53

I tried to reply to the Vegan post but couldn't Date: Sun, 9 Aug 01:53
Author: Custom IconHeather Location: NZ Profile
Hi all, Gill if you read this http://www.safe.org.nz/calf-induction
you may not want to touch dairy again. I've been vegetarian for over 25 years but vegan since I learned of this, and that it is prevalent in New Zealand, I haven't touched dairy products since. I use soy milk in my coffee, mashed potato, creamy sauces, and you can't tell the difference. I never get sick and quite simply, I can't eat food with a face. You won't miss cheese for very long, especially when your conscience takes over. Do read the article in the link though Gill. I think you'll be mortified. The farming community "Don't want people to know"!!!

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