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 Tadpoles and newts Jan - Mon, 20 Jul 11:06
Tadpoles and newts Madge - Mon, 20 Jul 11:49

Tadpoles and newts Date: Mon, 20 Jul 11:06
Author: Default User IconJan Location: Bordon Profile
I was walking my dog last night and stopped to look in a natural pond that has dramatically diminished in size lately. There were literally thousands of tadpoles and many baby newts struggling for space in the small amount of water that is left.
I have been searching online to find someone to report this to that maybe be able to help in some way without success. Does anybody know who I can call? The pond is shrinking fast and their time is running out.

Tadpoles and newts Date: Mon, 20 Jul 11:49
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
This will be happening all over the country if there is little rain Jan. It is nature's way and they will at least be feeding birds and small mammals. You could scoop some tadpoles (not protected newts) up and transport them to a larger pond if you want to do some a kindness.

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