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 Tadpoles and froglets versus newts Sam - Wed, 8 Jul 18:53
Tadpoles and froglets versus newts Madge - Wed, 8 Jul 21:27
Tadpoles and froglets versus newts Owdboggy - Fri, 10 Jul 21:04

Tadpoles and froglets versus newts Date: Wed, 8 Jul 18:53
Author: Default User IconSam Location: London Profile
I had lots of frog spawn in my garden pond last year but all the tadpoles were eaten by the dozens of smooth newts that shared the pond. This year lots of frog spawn again, but I moved one clump to a large bucket. The tadpoles in the bucket have developed well, but at varying rates so some tadpoles are now (early July) froglets while others remain small. There are lots of them.
What should I do now? The pond still has newts. If I return the tadpoles and froglets to the pond I think they will be eaten. If I leave them in the bucket for much longer, I fear the froglets will not be able to get out and the smaller tadpoles will not develop further.
Does anyone have suggestions?

Tadpoles and froglets versus newts Date: Wed, 8 Jul 21:27
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Newts are a protected species whereas frogs are not so don't do anything to harm the newts. The mortality rate of tadpoles is high and I would suggest taking some to a local wild pond and letting nature take its course with the rest.

Tadpoles and froglets versus newts Date: Fri, 10 Jul 21:04
Author: Default User IconOwdboggy Location: England Profile
If the tadpoles are still not developing into frogs, then try adding a little finely chopped liver to the water.
We lose all the frog and toad spawn to the newts so we don't really bother. There are plenty of drainage ditches around us with good numbers of frogs and toads in them.

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