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 Polytunnel Soloman Evans. - Thu, 2 Jul 11:39
Polytunnel Madge - Thu, 2 Jul 13:51
Polytunnel KathrynP - Thu, 2 Jul 19:06

Polytunnel Date: Thu, 2 Jul 11:39
Author: Default User IconSoloman Evans. Location: Devon Profile
Hello. I am in the process of building your designed polytunnel and am finding it very difficult to find the right piping to use. I can't seem to find any off cuts and the price is coming in at around £200. My questions are do you know any other ways to source the 50mm ID pipe? Or the cheapest place to buy it? Also the only pipe I can find with 50mm ID is 63mm ED (it just seems rather s lot), do you know If that is the correct pipe? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards Soloman

Polytunnel Date: Thu, 2 Jul 13:51
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Hi Soloman. I have asked Alan, who designed the tunnel, to contact you. Madge.

Polytunnel Date: Thu, 2 Jul 19:06
Author: Custom IconKathrynP Location: South Cumbria Profile
Suggest you look for off cuts on building sites/new housing estates etc. Either blue or yellow (blue is water board and yellow is gas). So long as the pipe fits snugly over the scaffolding pole it will be okay. Otherwise share the cost with other would be poly tunnel builders and buy a coil from builders merchants. Good investment as you can have lovely fresh veg all year round - exotic ones too!!

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