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 Toads Brian Dickinson - Wed, 1 Jul 16:41
Toads joanna - Wed, 1 Jul 16:56
Toads Brian & Elaine - Wed, 1 Jul 23:20

Toads Date: Wed, 1 Jul 16:41
Author: Default User IconBrian Dickinson Location: Northumberland Profile
I have recently had a toad bury its self under a plant in my garden ,I only noticed as the plant was dying I dug up the plant and the toad was under the soil, I moved it to a woodland area and it returned next day under another plant. Is this common ?

Toads Date: Wed, 1 Jul 16:56
Author: Custom Iconjoanna Location: Cornwall Profile
I guess it's hoping to catch any slugs or snails that might come to eat your plants.

Toads Date: Wed, 1 Jul 23:20
Author: Default User IconBrian & Elaine Location: Nanango, Queensland, Australia Profile
We had a property once with a large garage in the back yard with a toilet in it. One day there was frog in the bowl so I took it out and put it back in the yard. this became a routine task as every morning it was back again. We finally ended up taking it some miles away before releasing it again.

Frogs and toads, like many other critters, have a 'homing' instinct that enables them to get back to some place that they feel is to their liking - sadly that sometimes conflicts with what we desire.

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