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 frogs jim - Sun, 7 Jun 12:04
frogs Madge - Thu, 11 Jun 13:03

frogs Date: Sun, 7 Jun 12:04
Author: Default User Iconjim Location: dartford Profile
I have a small pond in my garden and found a frog in it last year, I thought it had gone so started to clear and dig around the pond and found that the frog had moved about 10yds so put it back in the pond. How do I look after it and do I need to clean the pond as I is very dirty ( the pond is only a very small pond ) I would like to have them breed if i can so any information you can supply would be of great help.
Thank you
Jim Walker

frogs Date: Thu, 11 Jun 13:03
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Frogs live in and out of ponds Jim. The best way to get them is to raid a local pond in the Spring at tadpole time. A net and a jamjar will catch dozens, a couple of which might survive their many natural predators.

Your pond needs to be at least 2ft deep for them to survive the winter, with rocks and vegetation, like water lily roots, for them to hide under. If your pond is just muddy, that's OK. If there is a lot of unsightly green algae you can get stuff from a garden centre to clear it.


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