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 Derby Day for Gardeners Madge - Mon, 1 Jun 15:00

Derby Day for Gardeners Date: Mon, 1 Jun 15:00
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
According to my grandfather, gardeners should plant out their summer bedding on Derby Day, the first weekend in June, when all danger of frost is past. I kept to that rule rigidly until about five years ago when we began to get very mild and quite warm weather in May, no doubt due to climate change. Planting out on May Day is still a bit early but Whit Monday seemed OK. What date do Oggies generally plant out?

Derby Day also used to be a great outing for working people and charabancs full of families dressed in their finery would descend on Epsom Downs from all over the country. I particularly remember going with my grandfather to the first Derby Day after the war, June 1946, when I remember being intrigued by the elaborate costumes of the Pearly Kings and Queens and seeing my first Big Wheel at the funfair. Have any Oggies been to Derby Day?

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