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 Frogs, toads and newts Jon and Jake - Thu, 28 May 08:08
Frogs, toads and newts Impy - Thu, 28 May 14:11

Frogs, toads and newts Date: Thu, 28 May 08:08
Author: Default User IconJon and Jake Location: London Profile
My three yr old son Jake and I want to know how come we have frogs, toads and newts in our london Garden when we don't have a pond. The nearest pond that we are aware of is several hundred metres away. Would these amphibians have bred here (under the shed maybe) or would they have travelled here?
Thanks for any help.

Frogs, toads and newts Date: Thu, 28 May 14:11
Author: Custom IconImpy Location: Garden of England Profile
Frogs, toads and newts do not spend their entire lives in water, they mostly go to water (ponds) just to bred, they spend most of the time in gardens/parkland/woods etc., in shaded areas or hiding under stones, rocks etc., anywhere safe during the day and come out to feed at night on things like slugs and worms. On very wet days you can sometimes see frogs out in the daytime.

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