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 Wildlife In Our Garden Nonni - Wed, 6 May 01:02
Wildlife In Our Garden Madge - Wed, 6 May 07:41
Wildlife In Our Garden Impy - Wed, 6 May 16:10
Wildlife In Our Garden Nonni - Thu, 7 May 14:11

Wildlife In Our Garden Date: Wed, 6 May 01:02
Author: Custom IconNonni Location: The Secret Garden Profile
One a warmer evening in March we were visited by a large Hedgehog. Perhaps he has come back and we have missed him but we only spotted him the one time. At the end of April a Grey Squirrel suddenly appeared at our back conservatory door and then scurried down into the garden towards the trees. I was glad to see him/her as the last time he had been in the garden he had been chased up a large palm tree while a cat sat on guard at the bottom. Mr N had chased the cat off and the Squirrel then scurried on to a windowsill and gave me a bit of a scare in another room. emoticon We are still getting very frequent visits from the Sparrow Hawk on a daily basis and it is becoming difficult to relax and enjoy the other birds in case the Hawk appears. He flies in so quickly that it has even given us a scare on a number of occasions. This evening I heard a bird singing close to the window beside the front patio and went to look as I thought I recognized the sound. I was delighted to see a little Wren hopping along our pergola and then going into the small, woven nest box above our front door. Over the twenty minutes that I was watching, he/she flew back and forwards to the nest box at least three times although it was difficult to get a good photo because of the position and the light. We last had a memorable experience with a pair of Wrens nesting there in 2006 so we await developments! Perhaps someone remembers our fledgling Wrens in the 2006 Album. I am finding it hard to keep track of the Blackbirds as they seem to be everywhere. I have seen a pair flying into a nest in the ivy/honeysuckle on the pergola, not too far from the Wren's nest. Not the best cover and, sadly, very likely to be predated by the Magpies. We have also tried to move on a couple of Wood Pigeons as they wanted to set up home in the ivy on an arch close to the back of our house. Collared Doves also come on a regular basis. Robins are nesting somewhere near our front window. A couple of nights ago, some of our grandchildren were delighted to see Robin up close with a beak full of food, checking that it was safe before flying into the nest in the shrubbery. Blue Tits, Coal Tits, Great Tits plus Sparrows and Dunnocks like to gather our dogs' hairs which I leave out for them. Sometimes I also see Long Tailed Tits. They tend to fly in a little flock - a bit like the Starlings. (Twenty-nine Starlings flew into the back garden last week but they don't visit often). We have less frequent visits from the Goldfinches and for several months at the beginning of most years we also have two Blackcaps come and stay for a while but they then move on. The Thrushes also appear to have moved on. For some reason we didn't have any Frogs in the pond last year so we were pleased to see Frogspawn earlier this year and we now have Tadpoles.

Wildlife In Our Garden Date: Wed, 6 May 07:41
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Great post Nonni! Thanks. I haven't seen a hedgejog in yearsemoticon

Wildlife In Our Garden Date: Wed, 6 May 16:10
Author: Custom IconImpy Location: Garden of England Profile
Hello Nonni emoticon great to see you in the "garden" again, long time no see. It sounds like you have plenty of wildlife in your garden to watch, I love it when nature comes to us, so interesting but also a great "time waster" emoticon Keep us updated with the birds and nests emoticon

Wildlife In Our Garden Date: Thu, 7 May 14:11
Author: Custom IconNonni Location: The Secret Garden Profile
Hi, Madge and Impy. It is very quiet here on Over The Garden Gate. Quite the opposite in our garden today as I try to keep up playing ball games with a very energetic six year old grandson. emoticon We are having to keep well away from the areas where the nests are situated.

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