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 Good Morning ... Dee - Thu, 16 Apr 12:53
Good Morning ... Dee - Sat, 18 Apr 12:09
Good Morning ... Impy - Sat, 18 Apr 14:35
Good Morning ... Heather - Sat, 18 Apr 21:49
Good Morning ... Impy - Sun, 19 Apr 14:30
Good Morning ... KathrynP - Mon, 20 Apr 09:36
Good Morning ... Dee - Mon, 20 Apr 14:52
Good Morning ... Dee - Tue, 21 Apr 12:13
Good Morning ... KathrynP - Wed, 22 Apr 11:30

Good Morning ... Date: Thu, 16 Apr 12:53
Author: Custom IconDee Location: Mid Suffolk Profile
It is another bright sunny day here in Suffolk, but with a cooler breeze than the two previous days ... The sunflower seeds I planted for the three great-grandchildren and with the help of one of them - have sprouted - and are at present in pots in the greenhouse ... Happy gardening ...

Good Morning ... Date: Sat, 18 Apr 12:09
Author: Custom IconDee Location: Mid Suffolk Profile
Once again the weather is ideal for gardening ... The lawn needs a good cut but is a job I no longer tackle ... I am slowly delegating gardening jobs to the younger generation.

Good Morning ... Date: Sat, 18 Apr 14:35
Author: Custom IconImpy Location: Garden of England Profile
It's a beautiful sunny day here today but with a chilly wind but a good day for gardening if you can put up with the wind. I cut our lawns during the week so they are looking okay at the moment, we have noticed that they are now starting to grow quite quickly. My flower borders are still looking quite nice even though the daffodils have finished flowering, now the tulips are taking pride of place, it is also good to see the new growth on a lot of shrubs and soft fruit, gooseberries are in flower and one bush has "baby" gooseberries on it. Our veggie plot is also showing signs of growth with various veg and salad seedlings showing, tomato plants are romping away in the greenhouse too.

Away from the garden on our recent walk around the local woods it was great to see some bluebells in flower along with a carpet of wood anemones, celandines and violets. I love to walk around the woods at any time of the year but especially in the spring to see the new fresh lime green tree leaves opening, my other favourite time is in the autumn to see the colour changes and the autumn "smell".

Good Morning ... Date: Sat, 18 Apr 21:49
Author: Custom IconHeather Location: Christchurch, New Zealand Profile
Impy, lovely to hear your veggies are doing well. My tomatoes are all but finished, as have the runner beans but I've still got my second sowing of coloured carrots (like Jamie Oliver grows) doing well and my paddock of silverbeet (Chard) is still prolific. I've been very busy making jams, jellies and relishes and bottling the apples off my son's tree. Sure it's busy but it's worth the effort because it tastes heaps better than bought stuff.
PS We're enjoying Autumn smells and colours. Shall I send you some? X

Good Morning ... Date: Sun, 19 Apr 14:30
Author: Custom IconImpy Location: Garden of England Profile
Good to hear from you Heather and pleased your garden is doing well, as you said well worth the effort in the preserves especially when you get to enjoy the "fruits of your labour" in the winter months.

Good Morning ... Date: Mon, 20 Apr 09:36
Author: Custom IconKathrynP Location: South Cumbria Profile
lovely day in south cumbria. Melons for the annual competition have just germinated. (between son in Woodbridge and brother in law in Bath and ourselves in the North. It's usually the northern entry that wins allthough I suspect it's because we have more time than the other two. Also our little teddy bear sunflowers that we grow in pots have just popped through. We first saw them on the allotment garden challenge on TV and fell in love with them. Going to Hampshire in May and hope to visit some gardens there.

Good Morning ... Date: Mon, 20 Apr 14:52
Author: Custom IconDee Location: Mid Suffolk Profile
I had forgotten about the teddy bear sunflowers - might try some in addition to the giant ones ...

Good Morning ... Date: Tue, 21 Apr 12:13
Author: Custom IconDee Location: Mid Suffolk Profile

I have managed a morning doing a bit of this and that ... Gathered all the canes and empty plant pots from around the garden and put them away. I have separated the branches and twigs from the garden rubbish mound and added them to my secondary Heath Robinson hedge behind the greenhouse. I have spread the remaining matter, which had turned to compost and spread it under the blackthorn tree, which is now in blossom. I don't think I will be getting many sloes, as the blossom is way too high.

I have had conversation about dogs with my neighbour from across the lane, whilst leaning on a newly erected garden gate ... So that is my gardening until the sun passes over ... Enjoy the day ...

Good Morning ... Date: Wed, 22 Apr 11:30
Author: Custom IconKathrynP Location: South Cumbria Profile
you have been more energetic than me Dee. I've deadheaded some primulas and inspected my alpine sink, The pasque flower is blooming but everything else needs to be replaced. So I think a trip to a nursery is called for. Making the most of these beautiful spring days.

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