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 Tenants from hell. Brian & Elaine - Wed, 8 Apr 22:24
Tenants from hell. Dee - Thu, 9 Apr 19:49

Tenants from hell. Date: Wed, 8 Apr 22:24
Author: Default User IconBrian & Elaine Location: Nanango, Queensland, Australia Profile
Earlier this year we sold our 5 acre haven and moved into a rental property which had been vacant for 6 months while the owners refurbished it. After a few weeks we noticed that the leaves on four or five shrubs were going brown and eventually these shrubs died.

Talking to our next door neighbour, he told us that the previous tenants had an argument with the landlord after he had a large tree cut down because its roots were interfering with drainage.

These tenants allegedly responded with the comment, "in that case we'll poison the shrubs" and immediately vacated the premises after apparently carrying out the threat.

Crafty so-and-sos, they must have used a very diluted poison so that the effects wouldn't be noticed for some time - what poison would take over 6 months to kill a shrub?

Tenants from hell. Date: Thu, 9 Apr 19:49
Author: Custom IconDee Location: Mid Suffolk Profile
Years ago we had a neighbour who wanted permission to sell some of her market garden for house building .. .. she tried for years to get planning permission but was always refused. One of the reasons given was lack of visibility along the country lane ... so one day she set-to and cut down the entire length of a three hundred year old hedgerow ... which stretched for about a quarter of a mile .. She sold up and went to France ... The hedgerow never grew back ... but now all the market garden land has houses built there ...

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