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 bird contest Myra - Wed, 18 Mar 09:27
bird contest joanna - Wed, 18 Mar 14:22
bird contest Dee - Wed, 18 Mar 14:56

bird contest Date: Wed, 18 Mar 09:27
Author: Custom IconMyra Location: New Zealand Profile
I saw a news item in NZ about a contest in UK to pick a national bird. Does anyone know what happened with this? Is there a website where a person can vote?

bird contest Date: Wed, 18 Mar 14:22
Author: Custom Iconjoanna Location: Cornwall Profile
Hi Myra. The only place I saw this was on facebook. I think it was an article by our local paper, The Cornishman. Sorry, I don't suppose that's much help.

bird contest Date: Wed, 18 Mar 14:56
Author: Custom IconDee Location: Mid Suffolk Profile

Myra ... This is the website for online voting ...

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