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 Today's Topic 'Spider Safari' Dee - Sat, 7 Feb 12:42
Today's Topic 'Spider Safari' Madge - Mon, 9 Feb 14:27

Today's Topic 'Spider Safari' Date: Sat, 7 Feb 12:42
Author: Custom IconDee Location: Mid Suffolk Profile
I am very interested in learning about spiders of the UK
A month ago our young dog was bitten ... and the Vet said it was a spider bite. It must have occurred during 'walkies'.

In doors we see mainly the near invisible small daddy long leg variety. Their webs ... appear over night ... I wake some mornings thinking I am Miss Haversham.

The dog has recovered, but it was a very frightening sight when it happened ...

Today's Topic 'Spider Safari' Date: Mon, 9 Feb 14:27
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
This might help Dee, none are life threatening but...


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