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 News flash Brian & Elaine - Mon, 15 Dec 05:43
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News flash Date: Mon, 15 Dec 05:43
Author: Default User IconBrian & Elaine Location: Blackbutt, QLD, Australia Profile
We have our property on the market and are hopeful of a sale before Christmas but aren't holding our breaths. When we sell, we plan to take a holiday. When we return we won't buy again but will rent - might as well enjoy our capital while we have it.

At this time we are planning on visiting the UK during April and on into May. Elaine spent some months there during the early 60s and is looking forward to seeing the changes since then.

Any tips on places to visit would be welcomed. We aren't into organised tours but prefer to just potter from one place to another in a sort of random manner.

News flash Date: Mon, 15 Dec 20:06
Author: Custom Iconjoanna Location: Cornwall Profile
Come to Cornwall! We may well have the longest coastline of any English county and it's all very beautiful. But not in August-too many tourists then.

News flash Date: Sat, 27 Dec 17:29
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
If you come in May you can take in the fabulous Chelsea Flower Show as well as the London sights, for which I recommend a hop on hop off tour bus. If you are here in August you could go by river from Westminster Bridge to the Hampton Court Flower Show which has a lot of the displays from Chelsea and is a less crowded venue. Another good river trip is from the London Eye to the Thames Water Barrier at night when you pass a lot of famous places like St Paul's and the London Tower and will see some of the modern buildings in the City of London like the Shard and the Gherkin, all illuminated.

Don't miss the spectacular Northern counties of Yorkshire and Northumberland. From Northumberland you can nip over the border and the Roman Hadrian's Wall to Scotland and Edinburgh. Some nice castles in Northumberland including Alnwick Castle of Harry Potter Hogwart's Academy fame. Whilst in the North two interesting cities to visit for the age and architecture are York and Chester.

From London there are a lot of good day coach tours to places like Oxford, Cambridge, Stratford and Stonehenge. You don't need to stay with the coach party once you get there, I never do!

If you can afford it go to Cornwall by rail via the Cornish Riviera Express which takes you through some beautiful countryside. Then hire a car when you get there to explore the coastline coves.

News flash Date: Mon, 29 Dec 19:21
Author: Default User IconBrian & Elaine Location: Blackbutt, Queensland, Australia Profile
Thank you Madge - I've made a note of your suggestions and will pass it on to Elaine so that she can weave them into our itinerary.

News flash Date: Tue, 30 Dec 10:40
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
OK. If you come between 19-23 May remember that the show is very popular and hotels may be booked up. You can get tickets online:-


I am a mine of information when it comes to touring London and the UK so please email me if you would like more information.

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