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 My puppies love of gardening Psilo - Sat, 9 Aug 21:47
My puppies love of gardening Lisa58 - Mon, 11 Aug 15:12
My puppies love of gardening joanna - Wed, 13 Aug 10:43
My puppies love of gardening Melanie - Wed, 13 Aug 17:23
My puppies love of gardening Seattle Babs - Mon, 18 Aug 03:02

My puppies love of gardening Date: Sat, 9 Aug 21:47
Author: Default User IconPsilo Location: Bolton Profile
After being quite ill for a long time I was looking forward to getting back to a bit of gardening. I am fortunate in that my garden pretty much looks after itself. It is full of bamboos and perennials and it is sunken and sheltered so doesnt get too many weeds. It is very low maintenance but still looks good. This summer it has looked lovely. Now I need to get out and try and get fit again. Buy a dog my friends said and so I did. I bought Jake an 8 week old springer spaniel x collie x alsation. He will be very good for you they said but what they didnt say was that he would be very bad for my garden!! Within two weeks the borders were flattered, my plant pots were all dug out and there was holes in my lawn. Years ago I might have been horrified but now I realise that for the greater good some sacrifices will have to be made. There is nothing in my garden that wont grow back next year and Jake hopefully wont be so destructive forever. He is now 12 weeks old and a real handful but he is doing me a great deal of good. Hopefully next year he will be more content to sit and watch as I slowly put it back to something like its former glory emoticon

My puppies love of gardening Date: Mon, 11 Aug 15:12
Author: Custom IconLisa58 Location: Pennsylvania Profile
It's exciting to hear you now have a puppy ( in addition to all your kitties!). Puppies are a handful but they give back so much love! You will have great times together, long walks, lots of cuddle time, etc. You're right- the garden will grow back again next year. emoticon

My puppies love of gardening Date: Wed, 13 Aug 10:43
Author: Custom Iconjoanna Location: Cornwall Profile
So glad you have new best friend, Psilo! And remember, he won't answer back, criticise you or sulk, he'll just love you. xx

My puppies love of gardening Date: Wed, 13 Aug 17:23
Author: Default User IconMelanie Location: Essex Profile
Well done on getting a dog, Sasha now 16 yrs old she still digs holes in the lawn but we have added higher raised beds for veg that she can't reach

My puppies love of gardening Date: Mon, 18 Aug 03:02
Author: Custom IconSeattle Babs Location: Seattle, WA USA Profile
I have a spaniel, he came to our family has a 7 month old puppy and is now 14yrs old. You are right, the garden will come back and your puppy will mature... you will have a great friend.

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