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 Interesting information. Liz - Sat, 2 Aug 23:23
Interesting information. Lisa58 - Sun, 3 Aug 04:45
Interesting information. Impy - Sun, 3 Aug 16:29
Interesting information. Madge - Mon, 4 Aug 08:19
Interesting information. Dee - Tue, 5 Aug 13:59

Interesting information. Date: Sat, 2 Aug 23:23
Author: Custom IconLiz Location: Hants/Berks border Profile

August 2014 will have 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. Apparently this only happens once in 823 years.

I thought this was interesting and most unusual.

Interesting information. Date: Sun, 3 Aug 04:45
Author: Custom IconLisa58 Location: Pennsylvania Profile
Cool! emoticon

Interesting information. Date: Sun, 3 Aug 16:29
Author: Custom IconImpy Location: Garden of England Profile
emoticon Gosh, so I guess we won't see the next time then! emoticon

Interesting information. Date: Mon, 4 Aug 08:19
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Very interesting. I wonder what the weather was like 823 years ago?

Interesting information. Date: Tue, 5 Aug 13:59
Author: Custom IconDee Location: Mid Suffolk Profile
I hope it wasn't too wet as there could have been a lot of rusty yeomen ....

THE ASSIZE OF ARMS (1181)1. Whoever possesses one knight's fee shall have a shirt of mail, a helmet, a shield, and a lance; and every knight shall have as many shirts of mail, helmets, shields, and lances as he possesses knight's fees in demesne.[note 1]2. Moreover, every free layman who possesses chattels or rents to the value of 16m. shall have a shirt of mail, a helmet, a shield, and a lance; and every free layman possessing chattels or rents to the value of 10m. shall have a hauberk, an iron cap, and a lance.[note 2]3. Item, all burgesses and the whole community of freemen shall have [each] a gambeson,[note 3] an iron cap, and a lance.4. Besides, each of them shall swear to have these arms before the feast of St. Hilary, to be faithful to the lord king Henry — namely, the son of the Empress Matilda — and to bear these arms in his service according to his command and in fealty to the lord king and his kingdom. And henceforth no one having these arms shall sell them or pledge them or lend them or alienate them in any other way; nor shall a lord in any way alienate them from his men, either through forfeiture or through gift or through pledge or in any other way.5. If any one having these arms dies, his arms shall remain to his heir. If, however, the heir is not of age to use arms in time of need, that person who has wardship over him shall also have custody of the arms and shall find a man who can use the arms in the service of the lord king until the heir is of age to bear arms, and then he shall have them.6. Any burgess who has more arms than he ought to have by this assize shall sell them, or give them away, or in some way alienate them to such a man as will keep them for the service of the lord king of England. And none of them shall keep more arms than he ought to have by this assize.7. Item, no Jew shall keep in his possession a shirt of mail or a hauberk, but he shall sell it or give it away or alienate it in some other way, so that it shall remain in the king's service.8. Item, no one shall carry arms out of England except by the command of the lord king: no one is to sell arms to another to carry out of England; nor shall a merchant or any other man carry them out of England.9. Item, the justices shall have [a report] sworn by lawful knights, or by other free and lawful men of the hundreds and neighbourhoods and boroughs — as many as they see fit to employ — as to what persons possess chattels to the amount that they should have a shirt of mail, a helmet, a lance, and a shield according to what has been provided; so that they shall separately name for those [justices] all men of their hundreds and neighbourhoods and boroughs who are worth 16m. in either chattels or rents, and likewise those who are worth 10m.

Whoops! I got my maths wrong ..Should have been 1191 ...

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