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 Planting bulbs Gary - Thu, 5 Jun 21:57
Planting bulbs Owdboggy - Sat, 7 Jun 12:58
Planting bulbs Dee - Sat, 7 Jun 21:40
Planting bulbs Madge - Sun, 8 Jun 06:49

Planting bulbs Date: Thu, 5 Jun 21:57
Author: Default User IconGary Location: Wisconsin Profile
Help. I ordered Orange Glory Butterfly plants online and they showed up today. However, they are seeds or bulbs. The research I have done so far says to plant them with the tops protruding just above ground. I don't know which end is the top.
I'm new at this so go easy one me.

Planting bulbs Date: Sat, 7 Jun 12:58
Author: Custom IconOwdboggy Location: UK Profile
Asclepias tuberosa to the rest of us.
Sorry never grown them so no help from me.

Planting bulbs Date: Sat, 7 Jun 21:40
Author: Custom IconDee Location: Mid Suffolk Profile
Which way up? If you are not sure, plant the bulb on its side: its stem will find its own way up.

Planting bulbs Date: Sun, 8 Jun 06:49
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
See www.homeguides.sfgate.com for planting instructions. It is a rhizome, not a bulb. Plant thickest part uppermost with an inch protruding from soil.

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