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 hedgehog keith - Sat, 19 Apr 18:40
hedgehog keith - Mon, 21 Apr 14:07
hedgehog joanna - Mon, 21 Apr 18:38
hedgehog Impy - Mon, 21 Apr 20:23
hedgehog Madge - Thu, 24 Apr 14:38
hedgehog Liz - Thu, 24 Apr 17:47
hedgehog keith - Wed, 30 Apr 18:17

hedgehog Date: Sat, 19 Apr 18:40
Author: Default User Iconkeith Location: wiltshire England Profile
well out in the garden this morn about 9 ish and along comes a hedgehog , strange I think so reach down pick him up , instead of curling up he just lays in my hand , then I notice he only has one eye , doesn't seem to bother him except he bumps into things , has a scrape on his nose , prob from running into things , other than this he looks well , so I've made another temp home for him while I feed him up and make sure he's ok , not seen him in the garden before and think he was out foraging at that time as he finds it hard to see and food is hard to get when ya cant see it , hope to feed him up , and hope he decides to stay in the garden , where I can make sure he gets food easily ,

hedgehog Date: Mon, 21 Apr 14:07
Author: Default User Iconkeith Location: wiltshire England Profile
well he's looking a lot better today more energetic , had a good look at his nose has a large half scrapped off or bitten off by a rat or something , very hungry little chap eats like there is no tomorrow made him a huge run now so he can get out and about outside but safe till he gets his nose to heal , then we will see if he will stay in the garden ,and make it his home territory , if im lucky . oh and apparently the grand kids have said he /she should be called nutmeg , umm

hedgehog Date: Mon, 21 Apr 18:38
Author: Custom Iconjoanna Location: Cornwall Profile
Lovely that he found you to look after him. And Nutmeg is a good name! emoticon

hedgehog Date: Mon, 21 Apr 20:23
Author: Custom IconImpy Location: Garden of England Profile
That is good news, hope "Nutmeg" continues to heal and thrive emoticon

hedgehog Date: Thu, 24 Apr 14:38
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Good luck with him Nutmeg. Hedhehogs are getting rare, I haven't had one in my garden for several years now, nor has my daughteremoticonemoticon

hedgehog Date: Thu, 24 Apr 17:47
Author: Custom IconLiz Location: Hants/Berks border Profile
We have not seen any here either. Used to have one regularly visiting but hope nothing serious has happened to him.

hedgehog Date: Wed, 30 Apr 18:17
Author: Default User Iconkeith Location: wiltshire England Profile
well definitely has only one eye , not sure if he was born like it or has lost it through trauma , nose is still sore but given time it should heal , we used to have two in the garden then I know one was killed but the other disappeared and have not seen many since , such a shame

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