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 Newts vs tadpoles Belinda - Mon, 24 Mar 09:45
Newts vs tadpoles martin wrigley - Mon, 24 Mar 20:04
Newts vs tadpoles Impy - Sun, 30 Mar 16:54

Newts vs tadpoles Date: Mon, 24 Mar 09:45
Author: Default User IconBelinda Location: Oxfordshire Profile

We have a garden pond and we get loads of frog spawn in it. I offered some to our local pre-school (thinking it'd be great for the kids to learn about frogs and how they grow) and today they told me they may have to give it back and start again because some of the spawn I gave them was actually newt spawn.

So I'm looking for some information on newt spawn as opposed to frog spawn, how can I tell them apart? I'd still like to give them some frog spawn to observe if I can but don't want to do anything that might harm either them or the newts. Can anyone advise me?


Newts vs tadpoles Date: Mon, 24 Mar 20:04
Author: Default User Iconmartin wrigley Location: oldham Profile
Yes, Newts are usually laid in a string like fashion instead of in a clump. I would love to introduce newts to my wildlife pond if you would be good enough to forward me some spawn

Newts vs tadpoles Date: Sun, 30 Mar 16:54
Author: Custom IconImpy Location: Garden of England Profile
Frog spawn is in clumps, toad spawn is in a "string" and newts eggs are individual usually laid on the underside of pond weed "leaves" or in blanket weed.

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