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 nibiru. the winged planet paul - Tue, 11 Mar 19:20
nibiru. the winged planet Madge - Wed, 12 Mar 12:21

nibiru. the winged planet Date: Tue, 11 Mar 19:20
Author: Default User Iconpaul Location: burton on trent Profile
hi all. this is something i came across on youtube nibiru have a look and can you give me some feed back some beleave this is the cause of all are climate change. sinkholes and earthquakes let me know what you think yours paul

nibiru. the winged planet Date: Wed, 12 Mar 12:21
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Domesday pseudoscience paul. I would rather believe real scientists who have provenance and the majority of those today think we are undergoing climate change in part brought about by our pollution of the planet since the Industrial Revolution, and over population. Zechariah Sitchin and Nancy Lieder upon whose work the Nibiru prophesies are based have both been discredited.

(See Wikipedia Nibiru cataclysm for a summary.)

Soon there will be 'alien' theories about the Malaysian aircraft disappearancd but just because we don't understand something or are scared by it is no reason to fall into the the trap of superstition or fancy, as our forefathers did. Just wait and things are made clearer in time, with research and more knowledge.

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