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 Ostiospermum Shady - Mon, 24 Feb 12:08
Ostiospermum Madge - Mon, 24 Feb 13:50

Ostiospermum Date: Mon, 24 Feb 12:08
Author: Default User IconShady Location: Essex Profile
Hi all, planted 3 small ostiospermum plants last year, and they were in full flower by the beggining of May, and now fill a spot about 2' x 3', and are still flowering now. The flowers are obviously smaller and fewer now, but I would like them to be back to their full larger flower again in May.

Can I cut them back, to give them a bit of time to regain energy levels, and if I do will they flower?.

Never had early flowers last all year before, so need some advice. emoticon

Ostiospermum Date: Mon, 24 Feb 13:50
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Shows what a mild winter we have had! Wait until danger of frosts have passed before cutting back. April perhaps.

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