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 tony. installing a pond paul - Sun, 23 Feb 16:23
tony. installing a pond Tony Brown - Mon, 24 Feb 17:19

tony. installing a pond Date: Sun, 23 Feb 16:23
Author: Default User Iconpaul Location: burton on trent Profile
hello tony.when you have dug your hole for your pond set the pond on red sand then fill it with water then you can move the pond around to make it level. water will always find its level. then add some plants.you will need a pond pump and filter you will need to turn the water around once an hour ladd only a few fish to get an eco system going remember your freindly bacteria needs fish waste to breed.dont forget to cover it with a net herons will empty it for you. check your toxins with a test kit.and now this is the best product you can buy for your pond tap salt it will zero all your toxins..always read instructions on anything you buy for your pond. i am a long running pond keeper i learned the hard way

tony. installing a pond Date: Mon, 24 Feb 17:19
Author: Default User IconTony Brown Location: The Lizard, Cornwall Profile
Thank you for taking the trouble to reply, Paul. I'll get cracking very soon and keep you informed.

Many thanks


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