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 Just to reassure Heather - Tue, 21 Jan 08:47
Just to reassure Impy - Wed, 22 Jan 14:07
Just to reassure Lisa58 - Wed, 22 Jan 15:21
Just to reassure Heather - Thu, 23 Jan 06:53
Just to reassure Madge - Fri, 24 Jan 11:30

Just to reassure Date: Tue, 21 Jan 08:47
Author: Custom IconHeather Location: Christchurch, New Zealand Profile
Not sure if your news has covered yet another NZ earthquake or not, but yesterday's 6.2 was in the lower North Island and I can totally reassure you, as horrid as it is for the people up there, it wasn't us this time. I know how you all worried before and I love you all for that.

Just to reassure Date: Wed, 22 Jan 14:07
Author: Custom IconImpy Location: Garden of England Profile
I had not heard that news Heather, but so glad to hear that you are okay.

Just to reassure Date: Wed, 22 Jan 15:21
Author: Custom IconLisa58 Location: Pennsylvania Profile
Glad you are ok. Thanks for the news.

Just to reassure Date: Thu, 23 Jan 06:53
Author: Custom IconHeather Location: Christchurch, New Zealand Profile
NZ is full of faults (The old Ring of Fire thing in the Pacific) but this time it was one of our other faultlines and not the one that got us in Canterbury. I didn't know if you'd hear about it or not, but I remember how you all worried when you learned of what my city had faced and wanted to make sure you knew we're all okay. Damaged buildings in Wellington our capital city but no loss of life. So all good.

Just to reassure Date: Fri, 24 Jan 11:30
Author: Default User IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Glad to hear you are OK Heather. It must be very worrying living so near to a fault line though I guess you get used to it.

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