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 Weather changes. Liz - Sun, 12 Jan 13:13
Weather changes. Impy - Sun, 12 Jan 14:06
Weather changes. Lisa58 - Sun, 12 Jan 22:08
Weather changes. Brian and Elaine - Sun, 12 Jan 23:48
Weather changes. Madge - Mon, 13 Jan 13:42

Weather changes. Date: Sun, 12 Jan 13:13
Author: Custom IconLiz Location: Hants/Berks border Profile
It is amazing how quickly the weather can change. Got up this morning to very white frost about 8ish but by 11 o.c it was raing and still is. It is cold and even now a breeze is coming up. Will have to go and fix things safely once again.

Weather changes. Date: Sun, 12 Jan 14:06
Author: Custom IconImpy Location: Garden of England Profile
We also woke up to a hard white frost this morning, I actually saw the grass starting to sparkle around 8pm last night, but the morning has been blue skies and sunny, very cold though, now it has clouded over. We have seen a few signs of spring over the past two weeks, apart from the birds singing like it is spring we have seen snowdrops in flower and wild violets emoticon

Weather changes. Date: Sun, 12 Jan 22:08
Author: Custom IconLisa58 Location: Pennsylvania Profile
Last Tuesday we had dangerously cold temps of zero with minus 15 wind chill. Schools were closed as they feared kids getting frostbite waiting for the bus. Then it snowed Thursday night with a bit higher temps, like 30-35. Saturday it rained all the snow away and we had temps in the 60's. Now they are worried about small stream flooding. What the heck is going on?

Weather changes. Date: Sun, 12 Jan 23:48
Author: Default User IconBrian and Elaine Location: Blackbutt, Queensland, Australia Profile
Here, in parts of Australia, we've been experiencing a bit of a heat wave. The temperature last Wednesday was 42C and on Thursday it had dropped to 22C. The sudden drop almost made us feel like putting sweaters on.

Weather changes. Date: Mon, 13 Jan 13:42
Author: Default User IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
We had our first heavy frost yesterday morning but on the whole it has been extremely mild for the time of year. I am expecting a very hard February to make up for itemoticon Lucy is a Wimp and does not go out if it is wet or cold, unlike Cagney and Cleo who were all-weather cats. I think she must have been kept indoors by her former owner and has not been exposed to the full range of the British climate!emoticon

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