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 Montreal Mosaiculture Clive B - Sat, 14 Dec 10:26
Montreal Mosaiculture Madge - Mon, 16 Dec 12:53
Montreal Mosaiculture clara - Mon, 30 Dec 00:21
Montreal Mosaiculture Dee - Mon, 30 Dec 14:20
Montreal Mosaiculture Lisa58 - Mon, 30 Dec 18:28

Montreal Mosaiculture Date: Sat, 14 Dec 10:26
Author: Custom IconClive B Location: Wantage Profile
I've just been sent a link to this - it was back in the summer, so it's not exactly news - but still worth a look


Montreal Mosaiculture: first-time host of international living sculptures made of living plants
Once every three years, an international competition in horticultural sculpture called mosaiculture is held in a major world city. This year was in Montreal.
Mosaiculture is not topiary; it is creating sculptures out of living plants. Some of the best horticulturalists in the world, from 20 different countries, submitted plans a year in advance.
Steel armatures were then created to support the works (some 40 ft high); they were then wrapped in steel mesh and filled with dirt and moss and watering hoses.
Then the organisers ordered three million plants of different shades of green and brown and tan, and these were grown in greenhouses all over Quebec.
In late May 2013, the horticulturalists came to Montreal and planted all of their plants (in the designed forms) at the Montreal Botanic Gardens.
There were 50 major sculptures along a path two miles long.

Montreal Mosaiculture Date: Mon, 16 Dec 12:53
Author: Default User IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Absolutely stunning Clive - thanks for posting!

Montreal Mosaiculture Date: Mon, 30 Dec 00:21
Author: Default User Iconclara Location: Ontatio Profile
Once in a while I ckeck in to see my OGGIE friends.
My Hubby & I went to Montreal the last week in Sept. and enjoyed 2 days at the Mosaiculture in the Botanic Gardens. It was fantastic - truly amazing !!!!! There were SO many people there that they extended the tour for the first week in October. Not sure where it will be next time but hope you can all see it sometime.

Montreal Mosaiculture Date: Mon, 30 Dec 14:20
Author: Custom IconDee Location: Mid Suffolk Profile
The exhibits looked stunning as pictures ... in reality they must look awesome ...

Montreal Mosaiculture Date: Mon, 30 Dec 18:28
Author: Custom IconLisa58 Location: Pennsylvania Profile
Great pictures! Would love to wander around there in nicer weather. Thanks for posting.

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