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 Bird Feeder Hmmmmmmmmmm Jill ont - Tue, 26 Nov 18:29
Bird Feeder Hmmmmmmmmmm Impy - Tue, 26 Nov 20:00

Bird Feeder Hmmmmmmmmmm Date: Tue, 26 Nov 18:29
Author: Default User IconJill ont Location: Ontario Canada Profile
We have a peanut bird feeder in the garden for shelled nuts . The small birds love pecking through the holes to get them. Today we were looking out and there was something happily feeding away. to our amazement it turned out to be a mouse. I went to the back door hoping to get a pic but the darned thing saw me and fled. It climbed to the top of the feeder then onto a small branch of a dogwood bush then scuttled off to the fence. Oh well so long as it is out there and not in my house.

Bird Feeder Hmmmmmmmmmm Date: Tue, 26 Nov 20:00
Author: Custom IconImpy Location: Garden of England Profile
emoticon Jill, I have seen that too on our feeder a few years ago. I have a deep seated memory of a newspaper pic of a mouse that actually got into the peanut feeder and was sitting inside munching away, does any other Oggies remember this?

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