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 Lucy the Wimp! Madge - Tue, 26 Nov 07:54

Lucy the Wimp! Date: Tue, 26 Nov 07:54
Author: Default User IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Lucy is not venturing out these cold mornings despite her layers of fat and thick furry coat! She often sits with her head poking out of her cat door, looking out to the street and down to the garden but that is the extent of her peregrinations these winter morningsemoticon

Both Cagney and Cleo were great outdoor cats who patrolled the garden every morning throughout the year unless it was raining heavily. Even snow did not keep them in. Lucy's previous owner must have kept her in more. It means more litter tray changes too as she did do some wees in the garden when it was warmer although always, like Cagney and Cleo, she comes in for her poosemoticon Lucy, like Cleo, does a little run around after pooing to remind me to remove the product of her labour! I prefer using a litter tray though, despite the expense, as it keeps cats off the garden. I line them with a plastic bag and use this anti-bacterial wood pellet litter, which is good for taking up the smell:-


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