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 Our aquaponics experiment Brian and Elaine - Wed, 20 Nov 20:18
Our aquaponics experiment Madge - Thu, 21 Nov 14:20
Our aquaponics experiment Impy - Thu, 21 Nov 16:33
Our aquaponics experiment Brian and Elaine - Thu, 21 Nov 19:26
Our aquaponics experiment Impy - Fri, 22 Nov 19:54

Our aquaponics experiment Date: Wed, 20 Nov 20:18
Author: Default User IconBrian and Elaine Location: Blackbutt, Queensland, Austral Profile
I've just uploaded a picture of our gardening experiment of 2011. We started with a bathtub which we filled with rainwater and added 15 fishes (carp). The system works as follows: nutrient rich water is pumped from this bath up to three shower bases above which are filled with expanded clay beads. These beads cost a small fortune and were eventually replaced with coarse gravel.

Seedling were then installed in these beds and we sat back to watch them grow. Each day we fed the fish and each day their excrement, mixed with the water was then fed to the beds. Now the beds had a siphoning device which, when the water reached a predetermined level, clicked in and released the water back into the bathtub. As the outflow of water was greater than the inflow, it took about a minute to empty the beds and about 10 minutes to fill them again.

After a day or two of tweaking and adjusting, his all happened automatically. The water in the bath was checked daily for ph and nutrient levels and when it settled down we only checked once a week.

In the photo, you can just see the edge of the bath under the table and above it, the three shower bases with the seedlings in.

The experiment worked well for a year until our next-door neighbour sprayed his vegetable patch to get rid of insect pests. The spray drifted to our place and killed the fish. Around this time I had my heart attack so we then tried another experiment - which is another story.

Our aquaponics experiment Date: Thu, 21 Nov 14:20
Author: Default User IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Thanks for telling us all about your aquaponics Brian. What a disappointment that your neighbour did such a silly thing!emoticon

Our aquaponics experiment Date: Thu, 21 Nov 16:33
Author: Custom IconImpy Location: Garden of England Profile
What a shame you had pest spray drift onto your experiment, what plants we you testing in this experiment.

Our aquaponics experiment Date: Thu, 21 Nov 19:26
Author: Default User IconBrian and Elaine Location: Blackbutt, Queensland, Australia Profile
Well Impy, over the 12 months we had radishes, spring onions, peas, beans, broccoli, leeks, cabbages, strawberries, chives, courgettes, zucchinis and cucumbers. A further harvest would have been the occasional fish - if they'd got big enough.

On the left hand side of the photo you will notice there are bins. One bin sits inside the other and the lower one contains water with a bit of fish based fertilizer added to it. The top bin has holes in the bottom and is filled with perlite or something similar. The seedlings are planted in the top bin and are able to absorb the goodies in the water. To prevent the top bin becoming water logged, you will notice an upstanding pipe on the lower bin. This pipe can be rotated to drain water from the system to allow it to breath.

I'll add a few more pictures of the setup in full production.

Our aquaponics experiment Date: Fri, 22 Nov 19:54
Author: Custom IconImpy Location: Garden of England Profile
That sounds quite a feast emoticon

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