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 Fat Frog. Mervyn Liddle - Wed, 9 Oct 15:07
Fat Frog. Little chook - Thu, 10 Oct 03:43
Fat Frog. joanna - Sun, 13 Oct 23:37

Fat Frog. Date: Wed, 9 Oct 15:07
Author: Default User IconMervyn Liddle Location: Nantwich Profile
We have a small garden pond with a few goldfish in it. Frogs are regular, welcome, visitors.
However we had a visit today from a very large bloated frog, fawn in colour, and wodered if anyone has an explanation for this unusual event.

Fat Frog. Date: Thu, 10 Oct 03:43
Author: Custom IconLittle chook Location: Australia Profile
I wouldn't have any idea, being in Oz, but do you have a Herpetological Society in the UK? They would know - for sure.

Fat Frog. Date: Sun, 13 Oct 23:37
Author: Custom Iconjoanna Location: Cornwall Profile
Are you sure it wasn't a toad? They can get very big. We had one living in our wall. He got so big he couldn't get back out of the small hole and just sat there eating anything that dared to crawl in, until we broke down the wall to rebuild it!

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