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 Carnage in the kitchen! Madge - Sat, 28 Sep 10:29
Carnage in the kitchen! passiflora - Tue, 1 Oct 11:51
Carnage in the kitchen! Madge - Wed, 2 Oct 11:59
Carnage in the kitchen! Heather - Sun, 27 Oct 22:50

Carnage in the kitchen! Date: Sat, 28 Sep 10:29
Author: Default User IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
I have never killed spiders on the basis that they do me a service by killing flies but Lucy feels under no such obligation as each morning I now come down to the dismembered bodies of arachnids of all kinds, who have sought a winter refuge, lying about the kitchen floor, bodies here, legs there...! She eats butterflies but doesn't find spiders as tasty so leaves them for me! I can discourage her from chasing butterflies in the garden but this spider killing goes on in the dead of night so I cannot protect thememoticon Presumably I will now have an influx of flies so I hope she will catch those too!

Carnage in the kitchen! Date: Tue, 1 Oct 11:51
Author: Default User Iconpassiflora Location: west midlands Profile
Perhaps Lucy can see into the future Madge and protecting you.


Carnage in the kitchen! Date: Wed, 2 Oct 11:59
Author: Default User IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Yes, I had heard about this poisonous spider being found in Kent and parts of the SE - I hope she doesn't encounter one!

But beware Passsiflora! :-

'The spider is likely to spread northwards in years to come, according to the Natural History Museum’s Insect Information Service (IIS).'

Carnage in the kitchen! Date: Sun, 27 Oct 22:50
Author: Custom IconHeather Location: NZ Profile
Good luck with that Madge emoticon Lucy sounds like she's pretty good at spider catching

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