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 Feeding goldfish islandman - Thu, 26 Sep 09:54
Feeding goldfish kathrynp - Thu, 26 Sep 13:48
Feeding goldfish Kev - Thu, 26 Sep 13:50
Feeding goldfish islandman - Thu, 26 Sep 16:40
wow europ AnabelOi - Mon, 20 Jan 11:11
wow europ Jill ont - Fri, 7 Feb 01:54

Feeding goldfish Date: Thu, 26 Sep 09:54
Author: Default User Iconislandman Location: Dorset Profile
It has probably been years since I last looked in, so am giving it a visit.

We have three ponds in our garden, two of which have goldfish.

In the patio pond there are two fish, which have had five young this year. We don't have pumps or filters, yet the water is clear and the weed flourishes so we must be doing something right. There are a few water snails.

Next week we will be away and instead of asking a neighbour to feed the fish every day or so, we thought we'd not bother as we feel there must be sufficient nutrients for them to forage and survive.

What do you think?.

In the main pond, there are about eleven fish. No young as far as we are aware, but there are four which were born last year, so again, things must be ideal there. Sixty plus newts were put in there last year and frogs return there to breed every February. We feel this pond could be left too.

What do you think ?

Feeding goldfish Date: Thu, 26 Sep 13:48
Author: Default User Iconkathrynp Location: south cumbria Profile
we never feed the fish when we go away - up to two weeks at a time- there should be enough goodness in the pond for them to survive easily. Also, neighbours have a habit of overfeeding which is worse than under .

Feeding goldfish Date: Thu, 26 Sep 13:50
Author: Default User IconKev Location: North Dorset Profile
Our fish often go for weeks without being fed, and live and breed happily on the natural food available

Feeding goldfish Date: Thu, 26 Sep 16:40
Author: Default User Iconislandman Location: Dorset Profile
Thanks to both of you. We aim to leave them unfed. My wife is of the opinion they might "go hungry" lol

wow europ Date: Mon, 20 Jan 11:11
Author: Default User IconAnabelOi Location: The Secret Garden Profile
Как только все в ближайшем радиусе будут мертвы, двигайтесь вперед. Уберите мафиози, затем идите к дому. Как только вы окажитесь рядом с ним, Джейкоб скажет, что у него есть план спасения, он имеет в виду вертолет.

wow europ Date: Fri, 7 Feb 01:54
Author: Default User IconJill ont Location: Ontario Canada Profile
When we had a pond with a lot of big goldfish we never fed them at all. they were quite happy and kept breeding so they must have got lots of food from the pond

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