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 Long update . feel free to laugh. Jill ont - Sun, 28 Jul 18:20
Long update . feel free to laugh. Lisa58 - Sun, 28 Jul 18:41
Long update . feel free to laugh. Madge - Mon, 29 Jul 10:25
Long update . feel free to laugh. Impy - Mon, 29 Jul 13:27
Long update . feel free to laugh. joanna - Mon, 29 Jul 14:01

Long update . feel free to laugh. Date: Sun, 28 Jul 18:20
Author: Default User IconJill ont Location: Ontario Canada Profile
With due respects to the two people who shuffled off this mortal coil on Thursday night. One with quiet dignity the other in a blaze of glory worthy of a god entering Valhalla.
This all started Wednesday when I had to have a blood transfusion because of problems with Chemo. Suddenly my temperature spiked and the lost my blood pressure. Seems this was cause for alarm and they called my Oncologist who was at another hospital. He decided to have me incarcerated for a couple of days. I was not amused. He arranged for another Dr to see to things for him. This other Dr arrived and I was sort of amused to see he was across between Richard Gere and Gene Wilder though defiantly more to the Willie Wanka side of things. First he spoke like I was not there then he seemed to see me lying there and decided to address me in very loud slow English like I was someone of limited intelligence who could not speak English well. I felt like telling him I spoke the Queens English as well as the Queen herself and that there was nothing wrong with my hearing but I just lacked the energy. I think someone had told him Bill didn’t understand to well ( wish the man would wear his hearing aid once in a while ,it would stop all sorts of confusion) and he assumed I was like Bill.
Got pushed through miles of corridors until I arrived where I was supposed to be. The nurse at the station there was pretty bummed as they did not have any charts for me. Finally got to my cell to find Bill waiting for me . Yes he had brought what I needed except my tooth brush. I finally got settled in my bed. Hospital beds may cost $37,000 but that does not buy comfort. Things seemed to get strange from then on in and I guess I was just to thick or plain tired to cotton on. A nurse came to me and gently asked if my Dr had discussed end of life issues with me . Huhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Did I want resuscitation. I looked at her in amazement and told her that I wasn’t that old that I wouldn’t like to enjoy quite a few more bloody years. To say she seemed surprised at my answer would be putting it mildly . Bill later told me that she had asked him that question too and he has replied that there was nothing really wrong with my health and of course I would want resuscitation. When we asked about visiting hours we were told they were open and family could come anytime they wanted. Another missed clue there. After Bill left I tried to sleep but there were so many people coming and going in the two rooms on either side if me I gave up. One old lady was really scary kept yelling at her husband that she was dying and he kept telling her she wasn’t. She was pretty vocal most of the evening till she fell asleep about midnight but seem to be cutting down the Amazon rainforest most of the night. The other room was quiet except for a younger man that was visiting permanently. Trying to get rest was impossible as the old lady was yelling at her husband all day ,the other room at least they were quiet . Later that evening two women, black widows , who appear joined together came marching down the hall their big flat feet slapping noisily on the floor. They entered the old ladies room and their arrival set up a storm of protest from the old lady who started screaming about dying. At this point I got my door closed. The whole evening was pretty noisy. Later a ghost like figure floated into my room and told me she was my night nurse. She was quite an elderly lady but seemed very sweet. She drifted out to get my meds and when she returned I thought there was something odd about her. When she later came to do the IV thingy it hit me . She was the ghost of nursing past. An old fashioned all dressed in white nurse. She told me she never got out of the habit of wearing white and was proud of her cap as she said she had earned it. Even her hair was white and she was such a sweetie. Later things seemed to have quieted down but lots of comings and goings. At about 11pm the black widows slapped their way out and things were really quiet. I thought they must have given the old lady something to knock her out because she did not seem to be sawing down the rainforest.. About midnight I peeked out into the hall way and saw that both rooms were empty and being thoroughly cleaned. Then it hit me I was in Palliative care. I recalled seeing a sign on my way in that said medical oncology ad palliative care. Suddenly I was feeling a whole lot better and wanted out but had to wait till the morning . I was unable to sleep needless to say. No wonder all the odd questions. Luckily my DR showed up early. He asked me how I felt I said fine and I wanted to go home . Got my release paper later that afternoon and sure as hell high tailed it out of there. I guess it was a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing. Luckily I have sense of humour.

Long update . feel free to laugh. Date: Sun, 28 Jul 18:41
Author: Custom IconLisa58 Location: Pennsylvania Profile
Jill~ That is so funny! What an experience you had! It is sad that they only had room for you there, as it certainly would confuse both you and the nursing staff. If I was asked about end of life matters, I would say "Why? Is my doctor keeping some important medical info from me?" Being treated for CA is bad enough, but to be put through that zoo ordeal is too much. I think you might need a drink. Or two. Or some ice cream! That usually makes me feel better. Hope you do feel better especially now being back home. Keep up the good sense of humor!! Lisa emoticon

Long update . feel free to laugh. Date: Mon, 29 Jul 10:25
Author: Default User IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
What an experience Lisa!!!emoticonemoticon Glad you emerged from it humour and body intact!emoticon

Long update . feel free to laugh. Date: Mon, 29 Jul 13:27
Author: Custom IconImpy Location: Garden of England Profile
Jill, I am so pleased you high-tailed it out of there before the "grim reaper" appeared! I smiled at the way you recounted your tale and it is a good job you could see the amusing side but it does show how everyone in a similar situation has to be on their guard, which is frightening in a way emoticon

Long update . feel free to laugh. Date: Mon, 29 Jul 14:01
Author: Custom Iconjoanna Location: Cornwall Profile
That was funny Jill, but a bit scary too! Glad you made it through! xx

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