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 How are you coping with the heat? Madge - Wed, 17 Jul 12:37
How are you coping with the heat? Liz - Wed, 17 Jul 13:15
How are you coping with the heat? Lisa58 - Wed, 17 Jul 19:10
How are you coping with the heat? passiflora - Wed, 17 Jul 21:31
How are you coping with the heat? joanna - Fri, 19 Jul 20:58

How are you coping with the heat? Date: Wed, 17 Jul 12:37
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
I have to confess that I cannot cope with temps of 90o and I feel quite ill, despite sitting near to a fan (with Lucy!) most of the dayemoticon And apparently we are to have more of it through August - oh for some rain!!!emoticon

How are you coping with the heat? Date: Wed, 17 Jul 13:15
Author: Custom IconLiz Location: Hants/Berks border Profile
I am very much the same as you Madge. Sit indoors with windows wide open and fan going full pelt most of the day. I am still vey restricted as to what I can do and must admit this heat is really getting to me now. In this area the forecast states it will be even hotter tomorrow!!!!

Take care Madge of yourself and Lucy emoticon emoticon

How are you coping with the heat? Date: Wed, 17 Jul 19:10
Author: Custom IconLisa58 Location: Pennsylvania Profile
It is quite hot here as well, above 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32.2 C) for the last 2-3 days. Staying indoors as much as possible helps, but then we have air conditioners. Staying hydrated is a must. Taking cool (not cold) baths or showers might help you, and not exerting yourself is important. I did my sister's food shopping this morning since the humidity is just through the roof and she has respiratory conditions that preclude her from being out in this rotten weather. Stay cool everyone~~ Lisa

How are you coping with the heat? Date: Wed, 17 Jul 21:31
Author: Default User Iconpassiflora Location: west midlands Profile
To cool your selves down run cold water on to your wrists, or the bend in your arms. If you feel sick you should drink plenty of water as only water will stop you dehydrating no pops or cordials they will dehydrate you, when drinking water make sure you run the tap so the water comes from the mains as germs linger in the pipes in hot weather, you will know when its from the mains as the water feels a lot colder after a while of running the tap.
I keep my curtains closed but have the door open and windows

How are you coping with the heat? Date: Fri, 19 Jul 20:58
Author: Custom Iconjoanna Location: Cornwall Profile
I am so lucky. I live in an old stone and cob Cornish cottage with 2ft thick walls. The windows are not very large, so it's lovely and cool, especially when I open all the windows and doors so the air can blow through. I have been waiting till well after 7pm till I walk the dogs. Apart from that I only go out when I have to. My poor garden would certainly like some rain!

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