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 Next door's cat Arthur Taylor - Sun, 14 Apr 17:11
Next door's cat mundia - Sun, 14 Apr 18:57
Next door's cat Madge - Mon, 15 Apr 08:01
Next door's cat Lisa58 - Mon, 15 Apr 13:43
Next door's cat psilo - Mon, 15 Apr 15:02
Next door's cat Liz - Mon, 15 Apr 15:58
Next door's cat Madge - Tue, 16 Apr 08:47
Next door's cat joanna - Wed, 24 Apr 19:10
Next door's cat Little chook - Sat, 31 Aug 01:24

Next door's cat Date: Sun, 14 Apr 17:11
Author: Default User IconArthur Taylor Location: Sussex Profile
Hello, I have been researching this online, but have so far drawn a blank. Next door's cat keeps getting in my garden and for want of a better word is 'shitting' everywhere. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can deal with this? Are cats classed as vermin, if so would it be OK for me to simply poison it? If that is illegal, what can I do?


Arthur Taylor

Next door's cat Date: Sun, 14 Apr 18:57
Author: Default User Iconmundia Location: wilshire Profile
You have my empathy as mt neighbour has 9 and they do s*** everywhere. Ive tried most things and do have some success with garlic and orange peel, but you do have to keep refreshing it with the weather being as it is. I have to go out every day with a shovel to pick it up before my grandson can play out.

Next door's cat Date: Mon, 15 Apr 08:01
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Cats are NOT vermin and it is illegal to kill them in any way, any more than you can kill a dog which messes on a public verge or in a park! Soil is in fact the residue of the poo of worms, insects and mammals such as mice and rats - why get so het up about cat poo?! (Although 9 cats is, I agree, excessive.)

Strong smells, electronic deterrents and anything which makes a noise or moves about are good. I put also sticks around young plants. Close planting so that there are no spaces for their bottoms is the best way.

Next door's cat Date: Mon, 15 Apr 13:43
Author: Custom IconLisa58 Location: Pennsylvania Profile
It is never acceptable to poison a cat or a dog for that matter just because they use your garden as a toilet. Why not knock on your neighbor's door and invite them into your garden to clean up their cats deposits. Each time you see the cat in your yard doing their thing, go right to the neighbor or call them. They might get the idea that they will not get a moments quiet until they teach their cat some manners, keep them in their own garden, or indoors. Please do not harm the cat!

Next door's cat Date: Mon, 15 Apr 15:02
Author: Custom Iconpsilo Location: Bolton Profile
Is this man for real? Are cats (which make up a huge percentage of the uk pets) vermin? and is it OK to poison it? how can anyone even ask that question?

Yes madge why do people get upset about cat poo? I have 3 cats who use my garden as their toilet regularly and it never bothers me. The only people that have to be careful are pregnant women other than that it will cause no harm. Densely planted borders always helps to keep the cats off.

Next door's cat Date: Mon, 15 Apr 15:58
Author: Custom IconLiz Location: Hants/Berks border Profile
I wondered the same as Psilo on this one.

Maybe it was an Aprils Fools Day joke. Surely it was not for real.

There must be other insects, animals etc., that leave mess in his garden, so why put all the blame on a poor cat. I agree with Madge on the use of twigs etc., We used to use Pepper Dust and another Cat Deterrent bought from the garden centre.

Next door's cat Date: Tue, 16 Apr 08:47
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Yes, pepper dust is good until it rains. Excellent in a droughtemoticon I have always had indoor litter trays for my cats, to deter them from pooing in the garden and I recommend this to any cat owner training a new kitten. Cats like a clean toilet and privacy so a covered litter box fulfils this requirement. In the garden I keep one out-of-the way patch of garden for their toilet, which I hand fork over each time they have used it and this works too. Thorny sticks and holly leaves are also good but mind your own paws!

Next door's cat Date: Wed, 24 Apr 19:10
Author: Custom Iconjoanna Location: Cornwall Profile
I had a cat that was poisoned by a farmer. She died in absolute agony. She was a wonderful animal, intelligent and gentle. How anyone can suggest deliberate poisoning of an animal is completely incomprehensible to me.

Next door's cat Date: Sat, 31 Aug 01:24
Author: Custom IconLittle chook Location: Australia Profile

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