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Paulien Paulien
The Netherlands
Profile dated 28/10/2016 20:59:26
Next Birthday: 24 May 2018  (126 days)

I live in the northern part of Holland, in Friesland USDA zone 8. I like collecting (and exchanging) seeds from plants from all over the world! I have a fairly large garden and it has a sandy soil. My gardenstyle is a bit countrygarden-like, not too tidy because i like wildlife and birds (good argument eh?). I like coming to England on holiday and love to visit the horticultural shows.
Many flowers in my garden are planted to attract butterflies and bees. But now my interest has moved on a little to the more exotic and edible plants, shrubs and trees. For example, Paw paw, Loquat, Goji berry, Mashua, and many more. I also like grafting fruit trees.

Some of my favourite plants

Some of my favourite plants

I'm busy collecting seeds from these plants.

Web page
Paulien's seed-exchange
On my site (in Dutch.... but there are pictures (lol) and i have a link to my English page) I have made a list of plants were i collected seeds from. I like to exchange seed, so if you see a photo on my site of a plant you like and you like to exchange seeds, please send me your list and maybe we can make a trade!
When you scroll down my homepage you will come across the pictures!

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