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Chris, England
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Chris, England Chris, England
Basingstoke, England
Profile dated 25/03/2009 12:41:07
Next Birthday: 03 May 2018  (42 days)

Hi, Im Chris. In a mad moment in 1999 I dreamt up this site and was co-founder. It was "born" on my 43rd birthday. I dont participate so much now, but am very pleased that OGG survives and thrives. One day I'll show a pic of the garden gate that inspired the name. Its nothing to look at, but as we know looks don't count for everything!

I live with my son and daughter, and work for the NHS. I have a 100 foot x 25 foot garden (the 225 foot of privet hedge surrounding it is no joke to control ;)) plus an allotment. I would spend every day out there if I could! I sow and grow just about anything that comes my way. I just love flowers and home grown fruit and veg, and I love to stretch the range of plants that can be grown in this climate to the limit. For the main part I garden organically but not totally. I have a pond and a garden FULL of frogs and hedgehogs.

Particular addictions include fuchsias (I used to have 94 varieties), geraniums (zonal pelargoniums) and anything bright. I love reds, purples and true blues, plus oranges and bright yellows. My cut flower garden keeps my neglected, uncleaned house festooned for most of the year. During slow times I try to keep up a flower supply from the heated greenhouse.

Flowers iz me!

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