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Default User Icon Joe Surrey
Profile dated 17/04/2004 19:56:53
Next Birthday: 06 April 2018  (19 days)

I have a really small garden - about 15 x 20 feet - its enclosed and walled which is quite nice.

It was gravelled and a real mess so I decided to deck it... wall to wall decking with a small raised pond and a large cupboard built into the design.

Anyway - I have 2 ponds now - one 80 gallons and one 120 gallons - seperate but with a single filtration unit and single pump - the idea was that the smaller one would feed the bigger one and it would all flow round; it does this but it leaks... so this year I am going to put in another pump and cheat.

Anyway last year was my first year for breeding and from 6 goldfish Ive gone to about 30... which I think is pretty good - there will be more mouths to feed this year... last year they were at it all the time!


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