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Mrs O
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Mrs O Mrs O
N . Lincolnshire
Profile dated 22/07/2013 21:21:58
Next Birthday: 03 November 2018  (226 days)

After getting re-married in 2002, I not only aquired a Fantastic husband, but an equally Fantastic garden..!!! I also have a passion for "old fashioned roses" and "clematis"
I do my very best to manage our garden which is 28ft by 350ft !
And we also had a small wildlife pond,which is home to numerous frogs,which are wonderful to watch... !
I''''ve kept Rabbits & Guniea Pigs over the years, as some of you may remember my beloved Warren , Merlin ,Scamp & Daisy ! But sadly they have all passed on now, I became a foster carer for the local Cat Rescue for a few years & I now have 5 cats of my own ! Kody , Charly, Vixen, Zafira & Jack, all rescue''''''''s & ALL adorable :) ....we also have Chickens too now , we started off with 4 ex-battery hens over two years ago, only one or the original 4 remains ( little Luna ).she now has Jasmine ( a pure white chook ) as her playmate :) both are about 3 yrs old now...

With having so many cats it''''s now difficult to attract the birds into my garden like I used too ( for obvious reasons ), but I want to help as much wildlife as possible within my garden,so this year I''ll be setting up homes for bees, ladybirds & other insects, also adding log pile features within the garden to encourage beetles & hopefully a welcome home to a hedgehog or two ! ..... all I need now is a new camera to capture the rewards :)

My name is WARREN ....and i am a Wabbit...!

My name is WARREN ....and i am a Wabbit...!

I belong to Mrs & Mista O (they cuddle me lots & lots ).
I "think" i am a mini-lop wabbit....but not really sure ( mummy & daddy are not very sure either....they will know better when i'm fully grown ) i am only 10 weeks old ( my birthday is APRIL ).
I like hiding behind doors & climbing into places i'm NOT supposed to. I did nibble on the hi-fi wire (but mummy smacked my botty, so i don't think i'd better nibble that again )

My name is " MERLIN "...i am a Guinius-Pigius

My name is

I am the new addition to the " O " family....

I am a Long Haired Albino Guinea Pig 5 months old when this pic was taken (18/8/03)
I have my own hutch ( dad made me it ) & i get to share a huge play-Pen with WARREN the WABBIT....which is great fun.

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