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David aka Hedgehog
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David aka Hedgehog David aka Hedgehog Email Not
Profile dated 23/04/2010 23:56:09
Next Birthday: 29 November 2018  (315 days)

I am a complete hedgehog and animal/wildlife lover, 38 years old, living in Hinckley, Leicestershire. People call me Hedgehog because im often awake at night! Although, this is because I have to clean out and feed hedgehogs and other small animals in our care.
Our garden is quite large, with mature bushes and a few trees - wildlife that is either resident or visiting, includes: Foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels, long-tailed field (wood) mice, common pipistrelle, plus many varieties of birds; so therefore, we consider ourselves quite lucky.
Within a large area of our garden includes some of our facilities for housing rescued hedgehogs and other small animals, for Hogarth''s / Spikeys Hedgehog Rescue.

Two hedgehogs ready to go - Spring, 2008

Two hedgehogs ready to go - Spring, 2008

This is a picture of two hedgehogs, ready for release back into the Wild - after a successful overwintering. We start releasing again during April.

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Hogarth's (Spikey's) Hedgehog Rescue
This is currently our main Hedgehog Rescue & rehabilitation site location.

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