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Menybirds Menybirds
Chesapeake, Virginia
Profile dated 07/08/2006 15:34:06
Next Birthday: 21 December 2018  (278 days)

I have been coming here for a few years now. I really enjoy this great pleace to learn and see, it's kind of like a day of show and tell, LOL
Sense coming to OGG my creative abilities have really been put to use..I have built two trellis, a flower bed that covers the front of your house, and a small court yard and am starting on the pond area next.. My house is now filled with many plants. Sometimes in the winter I am feeling like I live in a jungle, LOL. Each time I try to do things here, I try to make it something I would love to see everyday. I now go for the theme, of and area on this lot, so every time you turn a corner, it gives you a feeling of some where on this planet. I have gotten so many ideas from all the, OGG peeps and from many of the wonderful places they all add to the site that takes you around the world. I have also taken on other properties to landscape just for something to do. All I can say is, WHAT A PLACE TO BE

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