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Default User Icon Gardengabber SW Ohio, USA
Profile dated 25/01/2015 03:25:17
Next Birthday: 25 January 2019  (309 days)

I am a 48 yr old from Ohio. I have lived near the same area my whole life, though I have begun to travel and see bit more of the US. I have been as far as Canada, I would love to go to Europe! (Someday)br /
br /
I am married since 1992 and have 1 daughter born in 1985 . I have 2 guinea pigs, 2 cats and 2 dogs. I would love to house lots of animals ( I am a sucker for strays), but hubby imposes limitsbr /
br /
Afte being downsized as working as a chemist (20 yrs). in the personal care business (beauty care, personal cleansing, household care) I went back to college and now work in the healthcare field as a Medical Coder. br /
br /
I live in a 1881 farmhouse style home. Which I blog about incessantly /
br /
I have been gardening 1998. I simply adore the cottage style garden. We downsized our home in 2001, I went from 3 acres to 1/2 acre...SIGH..... My yard is 65 ft wide by 365 ft long. It is bordered in the back by a small thicket of trees and a small creek. I live in a very small town (a village really). There are only a handful of houses on my street. br /
br /
I have a small veggie plot each year. I have only in the last few years really begun to flower garden. I am planning a small cutting garden for next spring. Other hobbies include crafting, decorating, cooking and reading. I love to talk gardening and look forward to chatting with everyone!

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