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Pine Marten
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Default User Icon Pine Marten SW.Devon
Profile dated 27/01/2013 10:30:40
Next Birthday: 16 March 2019  (360 days)

Dont have a large garden just two smaller ones. But i get a fair amount of birds. Not as many as i would like. Two birds i have had winter winter time were black redstarts and blackcaps. My usuall birds are starlings, sparrows, blackbirds thrushes. Blue tits and woodpigeons. The pigeons have their own feeders to keep them away from other areas. Works most of the time. I have a water feature, but would like a pond instead.

I am in a good area for hedgehogs, and get my fair share in the season. I put out trail cams to keep track of them when they are out and about. Also gives me a good idea of just how many i have.

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