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Default User Icon Flower Floozie Berkshire Hills, Estern Massachusetts, USA
Profile dated 08/03/2011 11:31:55
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Our home and garden are just entering the fourth year since being planted at the south end of a long north to south hay field. Part swamp and part dry construction soil from building up the soil around the foundation and we end up with the least nutritious soil in the neighborhood. We also live at 1400 ft. above sea level where we are at the top of a mountain and at the base of another mountain a bit above us...the winds blow from the north and west down the field like a freight train and our garden endures.

When we first moved in, the soil around the house was barren...not a seed sown. Now it is a luxurious carpet of a soft combination of greenery...chamomile, wild flowers and dense grass gift the soles of our feet with silk. There were no birds gracing us with the flutter of wings or the twitter of morning song. With the gardens in place, the birds thrill and trill their way from flower to flower, reveling in the supply of food and thickets to call home. A wren makes a home out of the thunbergii plicata in the front corner of the porch. The twelve foot sunflowers give late summer and autumn snacking for morning bird shuffles and playtimes. The trumpets of the coral bells, daylilies, larkspur, lambs ear and petunias gift their aroma to the air and allow the hummingbirds sustanence at daybreak and twilight when we as well get a hint of the aroma....our soul sustanence....from our perch on the back porch. This is where we can thrill in our days work at our labors end.

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