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Default User Icon Elissa USA
Profile dated 04/01/2010 10:51:59
Next Birthday: 02 April 2018  (13 days)

I have a degree in Floral Art and Design. I have done floral arrangements, bouquets, corsages for weddings. I have also done Alter Arrangements for Church. I love to grow houseplants, and to see what I can grow. I have a grapefruit tree and a Lemon tree that I grew from seeds of the fruits I had. Currently, along with my houseplants I am growing squash from a glass, just to see if I could do it. I got a Norfolk Island Pine for Christmas, and I have never had alot of luck with those, but, since it was a gift, I am trying very hard to give it all it needs. I have many helpful plant books and Ive read everyone. I also love to garden outdoors when weather permits. Flowers, vegetables, whatever I can grow!
I live in the country so wildlife is not uncommon. We have apple trees that someday I would like to prune so we can get fresh apples.

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