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Sunbird Sunbird
Townsville, North Queensland, Australia
Profile dated 08/11/2013 21:46:54
Next Birthday: 08 November 2018  (233 days)

I live in North Queensland, Australia on a property - only around 3 acres - that is situated on the side on a rocky hill with very poor soil. I live in the dry tropics and rain is very much a hit and miss affair. We don''''t get much rain during the year here - annual rainfall is around 1000mm (falling mostly during the wet season Nov-Apr). Daytime temperatures range between 18 degrees C in the winter to over 31 degrees C in summer. The plants have to be quite hardy and drought tolerant to survive the climate here.

There are long garden beds along the driveway into the property that contain established trees and shrubs. There is a rainforest type garden bed, a courtyard garden where I grow my potted plants and plants that need some shelter from the hot midday/afternoon sun and a greenhouse/nursery which is much more sheltered and full of ferns and plants such as impatiens/coleus/lilies.

I now have some new garden beds to add to the list above. There''s a rock garden, a tiered garden bed and a couple of newly built garden beds yet to be planted.

My Place

My Place

This photo shows our house and some of our property. It shows how our house is situated on the side of a hill and surrounded by bushland. It also shows clearly just how dry our place can be after months without rain.

Web page
My Dry Tropics Garden
A blog about the plants I grow in my area of the dry tropics region of northern Australia.

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