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hopeless novice
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w mids
Profile dated 08/04/2009 21:00:44
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its my new hobby!lots of new plants and im just hoping i can get them all to stay healthy and bloom. Ive bought a rhubarb, planted it in lots of nice humus rich soil with compost and blood fish n bone yesterday and watered it in well but it looks like is dying already. i also have newly planted some roses, hollyhocks, digitalis, clematis, lupins, gladioli bulbs and lots of fruit bushes an a peach tree, h and some really nice hellborus and camelia (i think thats what it is) and some peonies, sweet peas and some other stuff ive lost track of . I havent been well recently so this is like a kind of therapeutic effort on my part, and my partner and i just went kind of md in the gardn centre! I ho people in this group will be really helpful cos its all new to me and i really dont want my plants to die or be as straggly as the ones i have tried before (i know now u have to feed them so thats an improvement lol)

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